Posted on 22-08-2007
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i had an eventful night recording more overdubs for artist rick brantley. last night we recorded guitars. we have plans to get back in the studio soon to record more guitars, and some background vocals. this project has proven to be a lot of fun, and im so glad to be a part of it. you can check out rick’s music at his website and at myspace.

ive been making more progress on the studio design. i have found quite a few sites that have been good sources of information:
sae is a school that specializes in the recording industry. this section of their site offers a lot of useful information regarding construction of a studio, recording music, and mixing music. i found especially useful the studio plans section, where they posted several design options.
this site has a lot of pictures of studios as they progressed from the design to the actual opening and use of the facility. there is also a forum section where people discuss tips/techniques, as well as what has or has not worked for them.
this is the website for revolution audio in mississauga, ontario, canada. they offer a lot of general recording and music industry information. the links section is a particularly good resource.
this is a forum dedicated to trading information on acoustics/constuction. very useful for building a studio.
this site offers good information on soundproofing, as well as specific acoustical products and how to use them.
to me this site is the mother-load. it is a forum that offers a multitude of information from recording, mixing and mastering, to studio construction. there are threads that discuss specific pieces of gear, as well as different scientific theories for recording and mixing music. the links section is very good. another bonus if the site is that there are many music industry professionals involved in the site who have produced/recorded/mixed many hit records.
this is a free program made by google that you can use to create 3d renderings of your designs. i have been using it to help me visualize what my studio will be like. this is a very powerful program that lets you design an idea very quickly. its so easy to learn and use. took me about 30-45min to get a handle on it. one cool feature is that you can use it in conjunction with google earth to place your design within the physical topography of your land.

ill leave you with these seven links for now, but i will post more links as i update my progress.

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Posted on 18-08-2007
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i have just returned from a vacation in seaside, fl. it had been at least three years since i had been on a vacation. it felt great to play at the beach again. this was a much needed and overdue vacation. i feel very refreshed and ready to pull the trigger on the projects that i have lined up for the fall. im getting antsy/excited as it takes a lot of preparation work to get these things started. hopefully this fall you will see me breaking ground on my studio, and producing records for a couple of bands. on vacation i spent about an hour a day working on the design of my studio. i have one draft pretty much complete. im going to probably design three options total, and pick the best one. i will post pictures of the plans once i get done.

there is so much i want to accomplish right now. number one on the list is to get the design of the studio finished so i can set the dates for the construction. the next would be to organize and set the dates for the projects im going to produce this fall. among so many other things i want to really try to hone the focus of my blog. i also want to grow my site, and offer more content. and of course regarding the site id like to start growing the audience. there has been a lot of talk about what is going to happen this fall. its time to stop talking and start doing…

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Posted on 06-08-2007
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i spent more time away than i intended to, but i have a lot on my plate, so it does not surprise me. a lot has been accomplished in the last 18 days.

in previous posts i have been vague. this is only because im in a state of transition, and im assuming a reasonable amount of risk in the process. also, there are many times when i am in a subordinate position, and i am not sure how much info is privileged. even though im sure my audience is very small (probably only one person in fact) i feel my job security is more intact if i dont disclose everything. frequent this site and the pieces of the puzzle will gradually get filled in.


now that all that is aside, i would like to share some current news:

• i have officially left my staff position as assistant engineer at quad recording studios. my three year stint at the historical nashville studio helped me develop a great set of skills, and network with some influential people. i got a great education from some of the best teachers you could ask for. this being my first music industry job, it will always be memorable.

• i am making some progress with the design of my new studio. i have been spending quite a bit of time studying acoustics and construction, and have found a lot of good information. i have never been involved in a construction project before, much less one involving building a studio, so it is a bit of a challenge. however, due to the fact that im working with a moderately small budget, it is necessary that i be the head designer. as the progress continues i will update you with what i learn. ill try to pass on the information, and direct you to good resources for studio design. hopefully i can post some pictures too!

• i have begun talking to a new artist about producing an ep. i wont disclose too much for now, but stay tuned and i will update you with the developments. right now we are talking about recording 5 songs, three of which i will co-write on.

stay tuned-its about to start getting interesting…

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