I just finished reading Seth Godin’s new book Tribes. It’s an extremely motivational book about leadership. It’s also extremely short and to the point. I read the entire book in four hours, and the only reason it took me so long (it didn’t take me long at all!) is because I paused to take time to carry out my daily responsibilities.

This book is practically written for the music industry (Musicians, do you realize that your fans are your tribe?). I recommend every entrepreneur read this book (hint: everyone is an entrepreneur). I think this book should be a requirement for all leaders-and record producers and audio engineers are all leaders (hint: if you are reading this blog, you are a leader). If I were teaching a college course-any college course-I would make it a requirement to read this book, so needless to say I think all college students should read this book immediately.

Go read this book. Don’t waste time coming up with reasons why you can’t read this book, just get it done. We are all busy. We all have way too much stuff to be doing (Yeah, I know you have that presentation to prepare, or that test to study for, or that guitar to record, or that vocal to comp, or that checkbook to balance), but by the time you’re done thinking through all the chores you have to complete, you could be 50 pages in, and halfway to that brilliant epiphany that is going to set new things in motion for you.

Do this: take one week, and plan to work just a tiny bit harder. Put in just a little extra time by forgoing your regular relaxation time, and trade it for just a little time reading Tribes. It’s an extremely small investment for a potentially enormous return. And because you’re a faster reader than me, it won’t even take you four hours. Then you will be a heretic, the term Seth uses in the book to describe a person who does not accept the status quo, but instead evokes change (i.e. a leader). To make it almost effortless, the book is offered in multiple formats (even a free version). When you are finished with the book, give your copy to a friend.

One last thing: look for my buddy, Jonathan Harms, on the inside cover.

I’d love to hear about your epiphanies in the comments!

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Posted on 16-10-2008
Filed Under (stinson bulletin) by Jon Stinson

Today Seth Godin published a blog post which offers a download of his Free Tribes eBook. The exciting part for me is that an essay I wrote got included in the eBook. The Tribes eBook is the free companion to his new book Tribes. I’m thrilled to have my words distributed along side so many creative thinkers and intellectuals. Download a copy for yourself, and take a few minutes to look at all the truly unique ideas that are in this eBook.

It’s been a little over a month since I posted on producer notes. I’ve been tending a lot of irons in the fire lately, and all my projects have kept me from being as consistent as I would like to be around here. However, as there is a link in the Tribes eBook to producer notes, I wanted to have something current so that this site does not look like a dead end to any potential new visitors.

If you are a new visitor via the link from the Tribes eBook, I appreciate you stopping by producer notes. The purpose of this blog is to serve as a conduit to share my ideas for recording music, as well as discussing ideas for new business models which are relevant to record producers and engineers attempting to keep up with the evolution curve of the music industry. If you feel like this blog is for you, please spend some time looking around. I hope you find some useful information.

Those who are subscribers/regular readers of producer notes, I appreciate you staying subscribed during this time of inconsistency. I hope to once again regularly post content to producer notes in the near future, once I am able to complete the projects on my radar screen at the moment.

In the meantime whether you’re a new face or regular around here, feel free to contact me at stinson[at]producernotes[dot]com. I’d love to talk to you.

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