Posted on 27-04-2009
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I was originally going to title this post Resurrection, but that implies that I let Producer Notes die entirely. Instead I’d like to think of my lack of posting more as a “work leave” that was necessary as I laid the foundation for my business.

Over the course of the last 18 months I have become a full fledged entrepreneur. Technically this is the second time I’ve been a part of a startup, but this time around the stakes are much higher. Throughout this crusade I have not only learned a tremendous amount of life and business lessons, but I have also discovered so much about myself. For example I found out that I get a life thrill from being involved in a startup. I love the creative brainstorming. I love the beginning stages of development. I find the challenge of building something from scratch electrifying. I have also found out that I love consulting and helping others with their startup ideas, which is probably why I find artist development and management appealing.

No! This Blog is Not Dead

Being a founding member of Radical Notion (independent media) certainly has been challenging. When I set out to give this a shot I knew it would more than likely be the toughest thing I ever set out to do. I had no idea how much of a reality that was until I picked up my hammer and chisel to begin actually chipping away at the stone. Building a company requires one to have multiple projects in action, and at certain times some projects simply have to be sidelined for a moment. I never should have been away from Producer Notes this long, but once switched to “standby mode” it was far too easy to leave it that way. Shame on me.

Flip the Standby Switch

Starting today, I’m going to attempt to get back on my weekly posting schedule of publishing new posts every Monday. I have worked ahead with a few posts which should serve as content for the next few weeks. Additionally, I have been thinking about some ways I can redesign Producer Notes, so hopefully I can come up with a new look and some new features fairly soon.

Thanks for sticking it out with me this long while I was away being an entrepreneur. There will certainly be future instances when I have to take a “work leave,” but I’m optimistic that they will not have to be as long, since the resources available to Radical Notion are expanding.

As always, I appreciate your loyal readership of Producer Notes. I look forward to writing more posts for you throughout the rest of the year, and I look forward to your comments as well. If there are any topics you would like me to explore with you in the coming months, please leave suggestions in the comments.

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