Posted on 06-10-2009
Filed Under (stinson bulletin) by Jon Stinson

I’m going to be taking a break, once again, from the regular schedule of my weekly posts on Producer Notes. There is a lot going on with Mother/Father (namely their upcoming show w/ Kings Of Leon) at the moment, and I need to offload a few things so that I can take care of those responsibilities.

Although I will be off the regular schedule around here, I do expect to drop in a bit with some posts here and there-just not on a weekly basis. I’m not sure how long this is going to last, or if this relaxed schedule may become a permanent change for Producer Notes.

If you’re interested in following Mother/Father, you can jump over to their website here: There’s a lot of developments taking shape, which we’re all excited about, and two of which are happening next week:
Mother/Father Grimey’s in-store (win tickets to Kings Of Leon): Thursday, Oct 15th 6pm
Mother/Father with Kings Of Leon: Friday, Oct 16th 7:30pm
Details here

As always, I do appreciate everyone who reads this blog. Hope that you continue to find value here. Thanks for understanding my need to take a break.

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