Posted on 08-12-2009
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Over a continued period of time, as I continue to author Producer Notes, it will grow in audience, participation, and value (hopefully!).

Over the course of this timeline you will be able to watch me become more skilled as a writer, blog editor, producer, and music business professional.

And as that happens you will certainly be able to dig into the archives and uncover old posts which contradict newer posts.

Paradigm Shift
As you grow as a person and as a professional, and as you learn more and sharpen your skills, your understanding of things and your paradigm will continually shift. And somewhere along the line something you do or say is going to contradict something you did or said a few months ago.

I love sharing information with people, which is definitely one of the main reasons I run this blog. But I also run this blog as a way for me to learn things, myself, by sharing information. It’s the way I’m wired. I don’t fully understand and learn things until I both put it into practice, and teach it to someone else.

Which means that sooner or later (I probably already have) I’m going to contradict myself in some form or fashion here. But that’s a good thing, because if I’m doing that it shows I’m learning. And if I’m really doing things right I’ll continue to share ideas through these contradictions in a way that keeps straight any potential confusion.

Any time you keep an open mind, welcome in new ideas, and work to shift your paradigm when appropriate you’re going to come to a point where there is contradiction. But embrace this contradiction, as it’s a sign that you’re learning and growing.

Thanks for 2009
Hey, this will likely be the last time I post on Producer Notes in 2009, so thanks to another great year (can’t believe this blog has already been around for almost three years!). Thanks for being readers and helping me learn. Looking forward to where our conversation goes in 2010.

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