Posted on 30-06-2010
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Like Sonic Youth meets My Bloody Valentine. Will def put this on my “Fav Bands of 2010″ list at the end of the year. Enjoy this live performance of “Reprobate!”

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Posted on 04-06-2010
Filed Under (inspiration) by Jon Stinson

I didn’t like the first single they released, “A Drowning” all that much. So when they announced that the full EP was available for download online, I didn’t feel an urgency to check it out. But yesterday a series of links clicked me to the How To Destroy Angles website, where after watching their video for “The Space in Between” (as well as a series of promotional shorts) I was inspired to grab the EP.

Upon complete listen through the EP I did find some tracks, such as “Fur Lined” and “BBB,” that I really liked.

And I think the video for “The Space in Between” is brilliant:

While I can’t say that I’m a full-on fan of this new project (I really don’t like the name How To Destroy Angels. Sounds like some silly mid-90′s hard-goth-rock band), overall I remain inspired by the way that Trent Reznor and his crew distribute and market music (again, I was really inspired by that series of promotional shorts they put together leading up to this release).

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