Posted on 16-12-2011
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It seems December always ends up being my busiest month. 2011 has certainly followed that tradition.

This month I’ve been involved in quite a few projects – I’ve recorded quite a bit of vocals for people, a whole bunch of sessions with full bands (definitely my favorite type of sessions), and even recorded a couple of amazing violin and cello players that, via a creative overdubbing process, layered up parts to shape a breathtaking string section on a track.

But the project I’ve been spending most my time on over the last four weeks, is the creation of an iPhone game. This is a project I’ve put together myself – I’ve come up with the concept of the game, and hired out a couple of guys to code and design it for me. It’s my first project of this type, and I’m really excited to release it.

Naturally, it only makes sense for me to create all the music and sound effects for the game, so in between all my other sessions I’ve been writing the music, and designing the sounds. I’ve been using Propellerheads’ Reason exclusively for this task, and so far it’s all gone really well.

This morning I came across a post on the Reason 101 blog about creating chiptune music using Reason, and since I’m currently involved in making music for my iPhone game, it indeed piqued my interest.

Check it out: ChipTune Sounds (on the Reason 101 blog)

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