Posted on 03-06-2012
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Through the digital media, marketing, and artist management company I started back in 2007, I got plenty of experience in releasing and marketing albums, and plenty of experience using the iTunes Store to do this.

So when I set out to create an iPhone app, I had a pretty realistic (interpret that pessimistic) opinion of what would happen once it went live on the App Store. My viewpoint at that time was that marketing an app was a lot like marketing music – you had to get an app present in the App Store, and then blog, email, tweet, Facebook, and advertise for it in order to get downloads. Just another reason to hold out and not jump into the app industry. I didn’t believe I would be able to get my message out to a large enough audience, and I didn’t believe I would be able to get any downloads.

That’s when I learned about building a network. Probably the most powerful thing I learned when making my iPhone app is the power of building a network of apps.

What is building a network of apps? Building a network of apps is simply the process of creating as many quality apps as possible, as quickly as possible. The more apps you develop and release, the more present you are on the App Store. The more present you are on the App Store, the more cumulative downloads you get across your network.

Luckily, the App Store and it’s buyers are a completely different world apart from the iTunes Store and it’s buyers. Music buyers on the iTunes Store aren’t nearly as motivated and eager in their purchasing decisions as app buyers searching the App Store for the next cool thing.

One of the most powerful aspects of mobile apps the the capability to strike on an opportune moment. Think about it. When searching for a customer to buy a product you are selling, you don’t want to waste your time talking to anyone and everyone about what you are selling. You want to communicate directly with the right people. In other words, you want qualified leads.

You don’t get a more qualified lead than someone who just downloaded your app. And the best place to tell someone about an iPhone app is from within another iPhone app. Once someone downloads your app you have them in your network, and now have the opportunity to talk to them directly about any of the other apps you have available on the App Store.

You wouldn’t believe how well this converts. This tactic is the reason why so many of the apps put out by the bigger developers, such as Facebook, Synthetic, Zynga, and Rovio are near instant hits. They have managed to grow their networks to a large enough size that they will get millions of downloads by simply advertising a new app from within an app that is already one of their established hits.

Learning this tactic was such a powerful moment for me, as I instantly saw how to efficiently and effectively market iPhone apps. With so many apps on the App Store today, most developers are simply missing the boat-marketing their apps all wrong and to the wrong audience. When working hard to build your network, over time your network will become large enough that you will essentially get free advertising for all your apps. At this point building a profitable app business almost comes down to a simple three step process:

  • Build the app
  • Launch the app
  • Advertise the app in your network

I’ve mentioned Chap Mureta’s new course product called App Empire in some previous posts. The cart for this course is now open, and they are taking orders. Some of the people I learned valuable lessons from about building an app business were taught by Chad. I can’t emphasize enough the value of learning how to quickly build a profitable app business from someone who has already achieved a high level of success.

If you’re at all interested in building a highly profitable business creating iPhone apps, click the link below to watch the free video series Chad put together.

The first two videos share powerful information on how to properly conduct market research in order to determine what kind of app will be most profitable, and then how to properly market an app to begin bringing in tons of downloads and earning an income. The third video shows case studies of people who have been successful in the app business, and the fourth video gives you the full details of what Chad’s system is.

Don’t wait too long to make your final decision to get started. With limited quantity available, this course is selling out very fast!


[In full disclosure I want to be upfront and tell you the posted link is an affiliate link, and if you click it, I do stand to make some money. But I would NEVER endorse a product or service that I didn't fully believe had legitimate value.]

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