about::producer notes

This is the personal blog of musician/writer/producer/engineer stinson. I use this blog mainly to provide information on the music business. However, I do not have all the answers. A big part of why I started this blog is so that I, myself, could become more educated on the music business. Usually you will find posts on topics such as:

  • production
  • engineering
  • marketing
  • promoting
  • news about my personal projects
  • music business news
  • a general commentary on the music business as a whole

Sometimes I will wander off topic to discuss other areas of interest to me. I usually post once a week-on Mondays [as of 6.15.09 I'm trying out Wednesdays as my weekly posting day]. What I express in this blog is not always a fact. Often times it is merely what I have found to work for me, or a concept that I am experimenting with. I hope to create a platform where you and I both gain a better understanding of the information we seek. Thank you for your interest in what I do. I look forward to building a relationship with you.