Posted on 02-09-2007
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finally got to mastering with the wes sp8 project. should be done by tuesday. im so excited to hear the finished product. it has taken a lot of time and patience to get this far with wes’s project. now that we are here we can focus on what to do next, which is to get his music heard. i am in the process of building a team of people to help me with this task. im very confident that wes, myself, and our team have a bright future ahead of us.

there are so many other developments with jon stinson productions (jsp) on the horizon that i want to tell you about. but you know how i feel towards talking about things before they happen. its foolish to talk about things you are going to do, less foolish to talk about things you are doing. besides, now i have you hooked. you have to keep checking for updates to see what happens. regardless of the amount of success or failure jsp experiences, there is going to be plenty of dramatic events for you to keep track of. stay tuned as the staff of jsp gets taken on a wild ride…

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