Posted on 29-05-2012
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I got into the iPhone app business right around the same time as one of my closest and longtime friends, Austin. Austin and I have always been quite full of imagination, forging directly into the heart of the wonder of the world. We both have a taste for the colorful adventure our individual creative muses take us on, and the indescribable feeling of elation one gets when we’ve produced something that creates meaning in the world.

And Austin’s first iPhone app, Mustache Bash, certainly created meaning. Mustache Bash currently has over 200,000 downloads and counting. That means if you gathered everyone who downloaded the app together, they would fill up almost four football fields. I can’t completely wrap my mind around that…

Well Austin is not stopping there. He’s already got his next app planned, an app called Make Me Ugly.

Make Me Ugly will be an entertainment app for the iPhone, and continues Austin’s theme of creating funny pictures fast (the catch phrase from Mustache Bash).

In order to pull it off, Austin needs the help of the community, and has put together a Kickstarter campaign with some not only hilarious, but awesome rewards packages. Take a look:

Click here to join Austin on his adventure, helping 1 million people around the world smile :)


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