Posted on 25-06-2008
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Last summer I had the pleasure of working on two records which were released yesterday (June 24th, 2008).

Seabird Band Photo
The first being the debut record from the rock/alternative band Seabird, ‘Til We See The Shore, released on Credential Recordings. Last spring my friend Jacquire King, who produced a lot of the record, invited me to be involved in the recording process. I am very grateful for the opportunity, as working with Seabird was a fantastic experience of friendship and professional growth for me.

Seabird Album Cover
Til We See The Shore is twelve tracks and runs 47m20s. It’s full of rock/alternative hits which range from piano centered ballads complemented by melodic guitar embellishments to slightly edgier/darker rock tunes backed by complex drum landscapes and unapologetic distorted bass discharges. Every song is brought to total completion via Aaron Morgan’s extremely characteristic and uncommonly warm lead vocal.

Rick Brantley Promo Photo
The other record I got to work on last summer was Rick Brantley’s debut record, Prize Fight Lover Soul Auctioneer, which was put out by Carnival Recording Company. Mark Wilson, a high school friend of mine, is Rick Brantley’s manager. He asked me to be involved in the recording process, and I was excited to do so. I got to record strings, horns, guitars, mandolins and background vocals on two songs. It’s always fun to hang out and work with friends in the studio. Especially when you’re making rock records.

Rick Bratley Album Cover
Prize Fight Lover Soul Auctioneer is a straight up rock-anthem juggernaut. It is six tracks and runs 27m45s. Once you set this record in motion, you cannot stop it. It’s massive guitars and dense drums give the record a perpetual momentum. These elements build the foundation of a mean rock record which is then juxtaposed against the upper registers of warm brass and sweet strings. Rick’s raspy rock vocal rounds out the package. It has the perfect amount aggression to satisfy your rock appetite, and snuffs out any chance to claim this record as anything besides rock.

So both of these records hit the store shelves yesterday. They are available wherever recorded music is sold.
Seabird on iTunes
Rick Brantley on iTunes

I seem pretty interested in the promotion of these bands, don’t I? Well that is for two reasons. A) These artists are my friends, and I would like to see them do well in terms of record sales, etc. B) When you talk about these bands to other people you are indirectly supporting me and everyone else who’s name is in the liner notes. No, I don’t make money off the record sales, but I would like to see the projects I’m involved in get some good exposure.

So I want to ask a favor of you. Spend ten minutes listening to these artists’ music via the links I have posted. Afterwards, come back here and leave a comment with your own review. I would love to know what you think of the music. In addition, start one conversation with a friend about Seabird and Rick Brantley within the next seven days. It would be a great way for us all to connect with each other, very personally, around a common musical interest. Beyond that, it would be a great way for you to tell someone about some new music, and we all know how good it feels to be the first to know about a great new band, right?

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