Posted on 27-05-2012
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I have to give credit to Mother/Father for this one. Back when I was producing and managing them, they turned me on to Violens, and I’ve been a huge fan ever since.

“Truly genius” is pretty much the only way to describe a band like Violens. The three piece band based out of Brooklyn authentically blend shoegaze, jazz, funk, 60s vocal pop, hard rock, psychedelic, and alternative all into one “super-genre” as if they invented a whole new type of music altogether.

And when I say the blend the styles together, I don’t mean that one track might be a shoegaze song, while another track might be a jazz song… I mean they write music that has all of these elements infused into each song in a tasteful, and artistically sophisticated way.

Violens released their new album, True earlier this month, along with the single and video for “All Night Low” shortly thereafter.

“All Night Low” is like the modern shoegaze juggarnaught, and the video perfectly reinforces that power.

True was released earlier this month on Sumberland Records, and is available now via Slumberland Records, iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic

Violens have been blowing my mind ever since the first day I heard them. Definitely one of my favorites.

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