Posted on 04-07-2008
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I guess the 4th of July is really only relevant to my fellow Americans, but in any case I hope that you have a safe and fun evening. Enjoy the fireworks with your friends and family, and drink responsibly.

I want to say thanks again to my faithful readers and subscribers. I appreciate you bearing with me while I lay low from producer notes for a bit, and interrupt the schedule of regular content to work on my startup. I do want to remind you, however, that I still plan on offering new content periodically, just not in the normal once-a-week fashion.

Talk with you soon…

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Posted on 31-03-2008
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I do not have a post prepared today. This month has been pretty intense. I’m in a crunch to get a few projects completed in the next couple of days, and I’m a bit stressed as it comes down to the wire. On top of that some unexpected circumstances in the personal life of a friend came up that is requiring my attention. Please excuse my absence.

As always, thanks for reading my blog.

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Posted on 17-03-2008
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St. Patrick’s Day Dog

Hope you wore green. Drink responsibly tonite. Have fun…

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Posted on 18-07-2007
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ive gotten on a late-nite schedule. its crazy how when things are not busy, they are really busy. for the past week i have not been working at all. and all kinds of other chores have come up that need to be tended to. its good, ive been productive, and i am getting caught up on a lot of stuff. one thing that is suffering, however, are the quality of my posts. not that any of my posts are very good, but the last couple of posts have pretty much not served any purpose other than my own satisfaction. i guess when you really think about it 90% of all the blogs out there are really just for the personal satisfaction of the writer.

what is left to do:
1 read
2 clean house
3 study acoustics/studio construction
4 back up data from studio powerbook, and upgrade os
5 meet w/ paul
6 work on blogging skills/website
7 roll coins
8 knock out to do list on ical

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Posted on 17-07-2007
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i seriously considered not writing a post today. its 3am here in nashville, and i just got home. its been a long day. i have had some time off of work, and have been using the time to do things that get neglected when you are making records. ive got a long to do list that keeps on growing. i hope to get done by the end of the week. i expect to be moving a little slower tomorrow, due to the fact that i stayed up too late tonight. well thats basically it… i pretty much wrote a post just for the sake of writing a post. i really wanna stick to my goal.

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Posted on 10-07-2007
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at the first of the year i decided that i wanted to cover new ground in my life. i have a vast list of things that i want to accomplish this year, with a few key endeavors taking the priority. i love being creative. my entire life, and how i attempt to make a living, is based off of being creative. my primary creative outlet is music. however, i enjoy other creative pastimes such as photography, motion picture, and literature. as the year is now more than halfway expired, i am hoping to begin accomplishing what i set out to do in the beginning. starting this blog is the first foot forward. in the remaining months i hope to use this site as a spark to my creative life, and begin showcasing my artistic identity. there is a lot of art i would like to share with you, as well as an infinite collection of topics and ideas.

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