When I first made the decision to start a business creating iPhone apps, it really came down to three key lessons I learned that completely shifted my way of thinking, pushing my mind past the typical objections that usually surface, and cause people to talk themselves out of getting started.

Here’s what I learned:

1) You can make an iPhone app for WAY less than $30,000

I first began entertaining the idea of making iPhone apps in 2007 when I was producing and managing a few rock bands. My idea then was to come up with a way to market the artists I was working with in an innovative and interactive way. iPhone apps seemed like the perfect tool for this.

But all my friends and contacts that worked in this field (or other artist managers who had an app built for their artists) told me that I would need a budget of at least $30,000 to pull this off.

One of the most exciting discoveries for me was late last year when I met some developers who had never spent anywhere close to $30,000 to make any of the apps they had created. Some of their apps they even spent as little as a few hundred dollars to make!

2) You don’t need to know anything about actually writing code in order to create an app.

This discovery was quite possibly the single most exciting, not to mention empowering, discovery I learned when getting started with iPhone apps. Again, when I first began thinking about creating apps to market the artists I was working with in 2007, I thought the only way for me to keep the cost down was to learn how to write code and program an app on my own.

But I didn’t know the first thing about writing code, and didn’t have a single minute of my time to devote to learning how to do this. I was already producing and managing several artists, as well as trying to build a digital media and marketing company!

Then around August of 2011 I learned from the very same developers that were making their high-quality apps on a bare-bones budget, that they didn’t know how to write any code at all; they were outsourcing all of this work to freelancers who were doing all the coding and design work for them.

At this point, I was ready to make the jump. Once I learned that you can have a high quality app created for about the same cost as a day in the recording studio, I couldn’t wait any longer to get started. I had to jump into this industry while the timing was right.

3) If there are already a bunch of apps on the App Store that are similar to the one you want to create, that’s all the more reason to get started making the app.

Once I made the decision to get in, my next biggest struggle was figuring out what type of app to make. I spent a lot of time thinking about different apps, what kinds of apps I personally would like to have, and what kinds of apps my friends and colleagues would like to have.

I spent several days with pen and paper drawing up outlines, and jotting down ideas. When I came up with something I thought was interesting, I would search the App Store only to find out that there were 10, 20, and sometimes even 100′s of apps just like the one I wanted to create already out there.

That’s when I learned the final key lesson that served as a huge mental shift, giving me strong since of empowerment. Lots of similar apps only means lots of demand for a particular type of app.

The thing is, most apps end up falling into obscurity. This is the reason that you can have a successful app like Hipstamatic, and then a short time later Instagram comes out enjoying success as well.

Most people who make apps either get the design of the app wrong, the marketing of the app wrong, or both. Therefore, even if there are 100 apps just like the one you want to create already on the App Store, you should still move forward with your idea.

I learned a lot about making iPhone apps in a very short amount of time. I wouldn’t have been able to do this if I had not taken a course that was taught by one of the top app developers out there. At this early stage in my iPhone app business, there aren’t too many discoveries I’ve made entirely on my own, but rather were things I’ve been taught. Had I not taken a course like this, I would probably still be hung up on the notion that I had to learn how to write code in order to crate an app on a budget.

The guy that taught me everything learned quite a few things himself from a developer named Chad Mureta. Chad has put together a free video series in which he shares his knowledge on how to build a business out of making iPhone apps. The videos will be running for a limited period of time, so if you’re at all interested in this stuff, spend a few minutes watching the videos now.


[In full disclosure I want to be upfront and tell you the posted link is an affiliate link, and if you click it, I do stand to make some money. But I would NEVER endorse a product or service that I didn't fully believe had legitimate value.]

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