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As the flow of this “recording drums discussion” is obvious at this point, and I’m clearly making my way around the kit, I’m going to keep this post super short by getting straight to the matter.

Here’s the microphones I know to have worked well for people (myself included) when recording toms:

  • Shure SM 57-Is that any surprise at all?
  • Sennheiser 421
  • Sennheiser e604
  • AKG 414′s-again, the now discontinued versions with the CK12 or nylon CK12 capsules are ideal
  • Audio-Technica 4033
  • Electro Voice RE20

For what it’s worth, the mics I keep going back to for getting the drums to tape (or disk) are:

Rack Tom: often times if there is only one rack tom I simply won’t put a mic on it, but allow for the overhead mic to capture it. Otherwise, I most often use a 57 or 421.

Floor Tom: These days I’m pretty consistent in going with a 4033.

And yeah, I’m going to reiterate my point about not rushing out to buy these mics. Try them first. Otherwise you’re spending money on gear just to have gear, and not legitimately investing in a tool for recording. The only exception would be if you go buy a couple 57′s.

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