Posted on 29-05-2012
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I got into the iPhone app business right around the same time as one of my closest and longtime friends, Austin. Austin and I have always been quite full of imagination, forging directly into the heart of the wonder of the world. We both have a taste for the colorful adventure our individual creative muses take us on, and the indescribable feeling of elation one gets when we’ve produced something that creates meaning in the world.

And Austin’s first iPhone app, Mustache Bash, certainly created meaning. Mustache Bash currently has over 200,000 downloads and counting. That means if you gathered everyone who downloaded the app together, they would fill up almost four football fields. I can’t completely wrap my mind around that…

Well Austin is not stopping there. He’s already got his next app planned, an app called Make Me Ugly.

Make Me Ugly will be an entertainment app for the iPhone, and continues Austin’s theme of creating funny pictures fast (the catch phrase from Mustache Bash).

In order to pull it off, Austin needs the help of the community, and has put together a Kickstarter campaign with some not only hilarious, but awesome rewards packages. Take a look:

Click here to join Austin on his adventure, helping 1 million people around the world smile :)


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Posted on 22-08-2011
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Last week I posted that my friends in the band o, don piano were running a kickstarter campaign to raise money for their upcoming LP, Hearts from the Songland.

Well, I’m happy to announce that they did indeed successfully get their project funded, and will be soon entering the studio with producer/engineer Jeremy Ferguson. I wanted to follow last week’s post with an update to let everyone know, and to say thanks to any of my readers who may have contributed.

Congrats to the band, glad the fundraising was a success, and look forward to hearing the results of yours and Jeremy’s magic in the studio. Have fun. Perhaps I’ll get the chance to drop by and hang on a session or two, and share in a little of that fun with you :)

While the band has reached their goal, and this project is officially funded, there are still 11 days left to make a contribution [Update 8/22/11: Oops! when I published this post, I meant to say 11 hours. In any case, this campaign is gonna be over by the end of the day today, so if you wanna pledge, do so by clicking the link at the end of this post]. If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a site put together specifically for creators to raise money for their projects. But the people who contribute don’t walk away empty handed. The creators offer items in return for the money people choose to pledge. There are nine different tiers involved with the o, don piano campaign, so at the very least you’re essentially “pre-ordering” the finished record. Which is more than worth it. As I mentioned before, this is brilliant music that creates meaning in a rare way.

Click here to make your pledge, and reserve your “pre-order”



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Posted on 16-08-2011
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About six or seven years ago I was fortunate, as we sometimes are, to work along side a very talented individual who would end up becoming one of my dearest friends. At the time we were both working as assistant engineers for the same producer, and through this experience we discovered how much we had in common-both personally, and from a music/art standpoint.

Working with Josh on these projects, I came to realize how talented of a musician he was, and later decided to hire him to play drums on a couple projects I produced. All this was around 2007-2009.

And somewhere in the middle of all that Josh put together his own band-o, don piano.

Josh and o, don piano are now embarking on the journey of making their first LP, Hearts from the Songland, and are six days away from concluding a fundraising campaign through Kickstarter. [Update 8/19/11: This campaign only has mere days left at this point, as it ends on Tuesday, August 23rd.]

[Update 8/22/11: I'm happy to announce that o, don piano have reached their fundraising goals for this project. Congrats, guys!]

Crossing paths with Josh those handful of years ago was literally nothing short of a miracle, as he has opened my mind to so many new ways to think about music and production, as well as turned me on to a selection of bands, musicians, and producers that have had significant influence throughout my quest as record maker. It genuinely improved my career.

All this to say that the music Josh has created with o, don piano is the real thing-brilliant-and worth your contribution.

Which is exactly why I’ve written this blog post today. To candidly ask you to consider making a contribution to the realization of Hearts from the Songland.

Yes, I am close friends with Josh, which perhaps does make my credibility subject to a questionable bias. But as someone who works daily in the music business, I inevitably make friends with a lot of people who are in bands. Nevertheless, not everyone I’m friends with makes the same caliber of music Josh does. Which is the caliber of music that needs to be heard, the caliber of music that creates meaning, and the caliber of music that tells an honest story people resonate with.

So please take a few minutes to check out o, don piano, and if you like what you hear, consider contributing a few dollars to help them fund their Hearts from the Songland project.

Lastly, I do want to assure everyone that my motivation is pure. I in no way benefit from the making or promoting of this project. While I may end up working with the band on a future project sometime, my current motivation is to simply see this project succeed, and do my part in helping authentic music resonate with others as it has with me.

Make a contribution to Hearts from the Songland by clicking this link

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