Posted on 14-04-2008
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Here are some blogs/articles I have stumbled across over the past couple of weeks. I subscribed up to these blogs, and I suggest you do to. It’s priceless information written by some of the best music business thinkers/marketers.

[] Derek Sivers’ blog, the founder of CD Baby

[] Came across this from a link on Derek Sivers’ blog. The article is written by Andrew Dubber as a post on his blog. Great perpective on piracy vs. sharing, and how it really fits into our industry.

[] Another great article about piracy that Derek Sivers linked to on his blog. This one is written by Tim O’Reilly.

[] A great new music business blog that has multiple authors all sharing very thought provoking ideas, and building a community around those thoughts. Authors include: Andrew Dubber, Derek Sivers, Bob Baker, Ariel Hyatt and plenty of others.

[] I googed Paul McGuiness because I wanted to read the speach he made at Cannes. I ended up at Dave Kusek’s blog. He and Gerd Leonhard co-wrote the book [The Future Of Music: Manifesto for the Digital Music Revolution] Oh yeah, and he posted a [full transcript] of the Paul McGuiness speech.

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Posted on 03-03-2008
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I am posting twice this week. Over the last ten days or so, I have come across some blogs/sites that got me excited. I have wanted to post them for a while now, so instead of putting it off until next week I’m posting them now. This is also part of an experiment I’m doing. I’m going to try posting twice on weeks that I give news updates, so that I don’t break the flow of normal content for an entire week.
I was recently listening to a recording of a discussion panel of marketers. It featured Seth Godin, and somewhere in the middle he talked about this web site. It piqued my interest since I’m starting a new company. I suggest anyone who is trying to start a career as a freelance producer/engineer bookmark this site. It provides all kinds of information that is directly and indirectly relevant. By the way, you can find the recording of Seth and the others here:
Another Seth Godin mentioned site from the same recording. You ever wish there was a way to network with people in your city who are either in the music business, or are starting out in the music business? This site is great because it allows you to start or join a sort of interest group/club related to your hobby or career.
As we continue to Build Radical Notion, I find myself paying more attention to web design. This site covers more than just web design, but it is overall useful to the topic, and a great source of inspiration. Web design is always something I have wanted to learn, but now I have a real excuse to spend time researching the topic and looking for inspiration. I came across this site because I am a subscriber of Daily Blog Tips []. They run a very useful “Link Tips” post where they post links to cool sites/articles they find.
Another web design site I came across in my search for information/inspiration. I really do want to give credit where credit is due, but I can’t remember how I linked to this site. I tried to retrace my steps, but I had no luck.
Just like Startup Nation, this is another great place for information for entrepreneurs. I can’t remember how I got to it either.
Again, a site I came across being a reader of Daily Blog Tips. It is a great site that posts links to useful tools on a whole variety of applications.

Thanks to those who have subcribed to my blog, and take an interest in what I am doing. I appreciate your support early on while I’m building my blog. Over the last few months I have learned quite a bit about building/running a blog, as well as a few web sites. This is all new territory for me, and has proven to be a steep learning curve. Thanks for sticking around through the rough spots of experimentation. Hope you have a great and productive week…

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