Posted on 24-05-2010
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Last Tuesday, Mother/Father – the band I’m involved with in a management capacity – released their new EP, Physical Heaven.

Physical Heaven is the latest project to become a part of my production/recording/mixing portfolio, and I (as well as the rest of the team) are excited about finally being able to share this release with you.

You can listen to Physical Heaven in full here:

<a href="">The Hours Witch by Radical Notion (independent media)</a>

Buy Physical Heaven on iTunes

Buy Physical Heaven on Amazon

Buy Physical Heaven on Radical Notion Digital

Other production and recording notes:

Produced, recorded, and mixed by: Jacquire King
“The Hours Witch” produced, recorded, and mixed by: stinson
Additional production by: James Robert Farmer, David Miller, stinson, and Willie Forreal
Additional engineer: stinson
Mastered by: Richard Dodd

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Posted on 06-10-2009
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I’m going to be taking a break, once again, from the regular schedule of my weekly posts on Producer Notes. There is a lot going on with Mother/Father (namely their upcoming show w/ Kings Of Leon) at the moment, and I need to offload a few things so that I can take care of those responsibilities.

Although I will be off the regular schedule around here, I do expect to drop in a bit with some posts here and there-just not on a weekly basis. I’m not sure how long this is going to last, or if this relaxed schedule may become a permanent change for Producer Notes.

If you’re interested in following Mother/Father, you can jump over to their website here: There’s a lot of developments taking shape, which we’re all excited about, and two of which are happening next week:
Mother/Father Grimey’s in-store (win tickets to Kings Of Leon): Thursday, Oct 15th 6pm
Mother/Father with Kings Of Leon: Friday, Oct 16th 7:30pm
Details here

As always, I do appreciate everyone who reads this blog. Hope that you continue to find value here. Thanks for understanding my need to take a break.

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Posted on 18-08-2009
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Dropping in today just to say I’m back. Thanks for your patience while I skipped out the last two Wednesdays.

I did have a blast on the west coast, hanging with Mother/Father in LA and Seattle. Perhaps too much of a blast, as I evidently picked up a cold in Seattle. The weather there got me ready for autumn, as it felt like Nashville feels in late October.

The west cost response to Mother/Father was incredible. I’m so glad we booked this tour. There were a lot of fans who were very enthusiastic about the band, and I personally got to connect with a lot of people. So if you’ve since found this blog, thanks.

From here, things are going to be pretty busy. We have a lot of stuff planned for the next phase of Mother/Father, as well as Radical Notion. And I guess I’ve also got to hash out some topic ideas for this blog, too.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the regularly scheduled content-an example of a recording/performing artist friend of mine, who I think is doing a brilliant job of new marketing (and getting good results).

Thanks again for being loyal readers and subscribers.

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Posted on 31-07-2009
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I’m going to have to take a little time off again from Producer Notes, as I’m going to be traveling for a bit. For the next three Wednesdays I will not be posting. The band I manage, Mother/Father, is currently on tour on the west coast, and I am going to spend some time with them in Tucson, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Should be a good time.

Additionally, there have been some late-breaking developments in the Mother/Father camp. We had a last minute addition to their current tour as the opening slot for Glasvegas in Tucson, AZ at The Rialto Theatre on Saturday, August 1st (tomorrow!). Doors are at 7pm if you’re in the Tucson area and want to drop by. But check online first, as I believe tickets may be in short supply at this point.

Mother/Father Official Website

Also, we have launched the Mother/Father official website today. We intend to use this site as a tool to form and participate in a constant and direct dialogue with the fans of Mother/Father. Through the site, fans can get up to the minute updates on developments as they happen, such as new music, join the conversation on the blog, find out about tour dates the moment they are booked, and pick up on exclusive promotions that may come through various mediums-such as the blog or the newsletter. Jump on over to to take a look at the new site. We already have some ideas for future additions to the site, but let us know what you think so we can work your ideas in with ours.

Mother/Father Facebook Page

Lastly, yesterday we published a Mother/Father Facebook page. For those that prefer Facebook over the other social sites, this will allow us to connect with you. Take a look at The Mother/Father Facebook Page, and become a fan to start a conversation and/or post some pictures of a past Mother/Father show.

Thanks for being readers of Producer Notes. I’ll be back at the end of August.

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Posted on 24-05-2009
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Popping in this afternoon to let you know about a couple quick news items. Radical Notion (independent media), the new media, artist development, and artist management company I’m a partner in, has rolled out two newsletters:

1) The Mother/Father email newsletter. If you’re interested you can find the signup form here:

2) The Radical Notion (independent media) email newsletter. If you’re interested in signing up for this one, you can find the signup form here:

We’re still brainstorming to come up with some catchy names for these newsletters, so if you got any ideas I’d love it if you would shoot them to me. You can leave them in the comments, or you can email them to me at stinson [at] producernotes [dot] com.

Thanks, and I’ll see you tomorrow…

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Posted on 27-11-2008
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Since it’s Thanksgiving Day today here in the United States, I wanted to express thanks to all my faithful subscribers. Once again, I do appreciate everyone remaining subscribed even though my posting has been pretty much non-existent. Keep hangin in there, because things will pick back up again soon!

Also in recognition of Thanksgiving, I want to express thanks to all my twitter followers, Myspace friends and facebook friends. I’m also thankful for the fans of Wes Sp8, the fans of Mother/Father and the fans of Radical Notion. And of course I’m thankful for my friends and family offline as well…

One last thing: for those who are into getting deals on Black Friday, you might be interested to know that at Radical Notion Digital we do Black Friday deals every day. If you would you rather shop somewhere you’re more familiar with, then our Wes Sp8 CD Baby page and our Wes Sp8 iTunes page have some pretty good deals too. Mother/Father music is not available to purchase yet, but will be soon.

Hope today feels like a holiday no matter where you live…

Turkey photo by xybermatthew and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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Posted on 11-09-2008
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Well Next Big Nashville 2008 has officially kicked off. I attended two very inspiring discussion panels this morning. The first was titled The New Nashville: What Do We Need? The panelists discussed ideas for how to garner more awareness for Nashville as a rock music town. The discussion sparked a slew of ideas that I can’t wait to explore. The title for the second panel was Psychology and the Art of Artist Management. I soaked in a tremendous amount of knowledge from each panelist, who all have built a high caliber reputation beside the artists they work with.

Next on my list of events to attend is the Mother/Father set at Mercy Lounge tonite at 11pm. If you are planning to attend this show tonite, I hope that we can connect. Come up and say, “Hi.” I’ll be the guy dressed in all black operating a video camera (if the venue will let me).

I’ve got my personal schedule for the events I plan on attending posted here: I’ll also be posting my whereabouts and other various NBN riffs via my Twitter page. Follow me at, for those interested. If you are going to be at any one of these events I’d love to connect with you, so again, please do come up and say, “Hi.”

I’m looking forward to the rest of the weekend. Hope to see you out there!

BTW-Feel free to leave your schedule, whether linked or typed out, in the comments section below…

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Posted on 05-09-2008
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For three years now Jason Moon Wilkins and his crew have been putting on a festival in Nashville, appropriately called Next Big Nashville. It began as a way to shed light on performing artists who are members of genres which fall outside of country music; genres which many people living outside of Nashville are not aware exist in Music City.

Now, NBN has grown into a full blown music festival. Each year the festival has gotten a bit bigger than the last, and this year it is promising to be the biggest it’s ever been. There are scheduled many daytime conference activities, discussion panels, music industry parties, film events, block parties, VIP parties, afterparties and of course, MUSIC!

I don’t need to explain to you how important of an investment this is for your music career. If you are looking to get your start as a record producer, engineer, artist manager, A&R guy, musician or whatever else, you need to show up at Next Big Nashville. With all the extra events planned this year, the opportunity to network in the industry is bigger than ever. You will be rubbing elbows with some of the industry’s most legendary people. Even if you live hundreds of miles away from Nashville, it’s worth the trip. Nashville is an extremely unique place for music, and you will be surprised at the people who are hanging around this tight-knit music community.

So don’t miss this opportunity to jump-start your career. For $100 you can pick up a VIP Badge, which will snag you access to pretty much anything and everything that is going on at NBN, as well as some discounts from certain retail partners. You will also get free subscriptions to Paste and American Songwriter magazines. Trust me, the return on that investment is ten-fold. It’s rare to find a conference/expo which is that cheap in any industry.

However, if $100 is still too much, you can grab a wristband for $35, which will get you access to all the showcases and some of the discounts, subscriptions, etc. Take a look at for all the details.

Finally, while your at Next Big Nashville, swing by The Mercy Lounge on September 11th, and check out Mother/Father-a band I’ve been doing some work with for the last 3 or 4 months. They are playing the SESAC showcase at 11pm Central.

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