Posted on 07-04-2008
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You can now buy Wes Sp8′s Please EP on CD Baby and iTunes. Check it out at the links below.

On CD Baby:
WES SP8: Please EP

On iTunes:
Wes Sp8

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Posted on 24-03-2008
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Wes Sp8 EP Release Poster

*The Wes Sp8 EP Release Party and CD is FREE*
This Friday, March 28th, will be Wes Sp8′s EP Release Party to celebrate the release of his debut, Please EP. The party will be at The 12 South Tap Room in Nashville, TN with O’ Don Piano playing first (Josh Hood, Wes Sp8′s drummer). There is no cost to get in, and the first 50 people who show up get a free copy of Please EP. You don’t want to miss this show (unless you hate free stuff). Come be a part of the community that Wes Sp8, myself, Jonathan Harms, Radical Notion and others are building in 2008. We put the value in the guest’s experience.

Get directions to The 12 South Tap Room here: []

One more thing…
Thanks for reading my blog, and taking an interest in what I do. If you live in Nashville I’m going to do a special promotion of Please EP for you. It’s going to end on Friday, or once the first 10 people act-whichever comes first. Come by the Radical Notion office (my apartment) any time between now and Friday to say hello and get your FREE, pre-party copy of Please EP.

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Posted on 12-03-2008
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Please EP
We received the Wes Sp8 Please EP from the manufacturing plant today. This represents a lot of hard work and patience for all of us who have been involved along the way (Wes Sp8, Josh Hood, Jordan Hester, Kristin Thomas, Nate Creekmore, Chad Erickson, Jonathan Harms and myself). It has been nearly a year since we hit the record button the first time to begin this project. In between then and now we have worked, and continue to work relentlessly, putting our heart and soul into this project. It is a milestone in all of our musical careers, and a great payoff for what we have been chipping away at for the last 11 months. I can’t explain to you how excited I am to have this CD in my hand, but I don’t have to. I write this blog for an audience of independent musicians, producers, engineers and marketers. Each one of you know what it feels like to finally have in your hand what has taken months, even years, to develop.

Please EP is the first recording to ever have the credits read “Produced, Recorded and Mixed by stinson.” And the first release ever by Radical Notion (independent media).

Only a couple more weeks until the release party. We will be celebrating this release in our home town of Nashville, TN at the 12 South Tap Room. If you live in town and are able to make it I hope to see you there.

I want to use this moment to connect with you. I would love for you to share your stories of your first product release, book, recording, etc. Even if you have never released a physical product, I would still like to hear from you. Any story of releasing a product applies, even the first time you posted a song on myspace, or released your first ebook-anything. So please, leave your comments. Tell your story.

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