Well, I must be crazy. At a time when I have a seemingly impossible amount of things to keep up with, and because of which I often times have to take time away from this blog, I’ve become a contributor to yet another blog. The official company blog for my startup, Radical Notion (independent media).

It’s been an extremely long time coming, as I intended (and promised, in fact) to launch the blog over a year ago. Fail. But in any case, now there is an official place where we can share specific news and ideas relating to Radical Notion (independent media), and I don’t have to pull double duty on Producer Notes with posts which don’t always quite fit the context here. Of course, there will still be some spill-over idea/news that will fit the context of Producer Notes, and when appropriate I’ll continue to share.

So I invite you to point your browsers in the direction of the Radical Notion (independent media) blog: radicalnotion.net/blog. We have a specific focus we’re set on there, and would be thrilled to have you join the tribe. The super-easy way is to subscribe to the RSS feed at: feeds.feedburner.com/RadicalNotion

Look forward to talking with some of you over there!

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Posted on 18-08-2009
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Dropping in today just to say I’m back. Thanks for your patience while I skipped out the last two Wednesdays.

I did have a blast on the west coast, hanging with Mother/Father in LA and Seattle. Perhaps too much of a blast, as I evidently picked up a cold in Seattle. The weather there got me ready for autumn, as it felt like Nashville feels in late October.

The west cost response to Mother/Father was incredible. I’m so glad we booked this tour. There were a lot of fans who were very enthusiastic about the band, and I personally got to connect with a lot of people. So if you’ve since found this blog, thanks.

From here, things are going to be pretty busy. We have a lot of stuff planned for the next phase of Mother/Father, as well as Radical Notion. And I guess I’ve also got to hash out some topic ideas for this blog, too.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the regularly scheduled content-an example of a recording/performing artist friend of mine, who I think is doing a brilliant job of new marketing (and getting good results).

Thanks again for being loyal readers and subscribers.

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Posted on 07-07-2009
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FREE Book Cover

I’ve been anticipating this book for a while now (I don’t think I realized how much, actually). Today, as the book comes out in the United States, I’ve been reading some blog posts. I thought I’d share some quick thoughts as I prepare to read FREE: The Future of a Radical Price.

When Chris Anderson first started talking about the economics of free, it naturally piqued my interest as Radical Notion (independent media), my startup, is a company which uses various versions of free as one of the core concepts of it’s business model. Chris Anderson’s discussions on free have been very exciting to me, as it put a name and economic model around many of the strategies on the cutting edge of the music industry. Strategies in which I have found inspiration for my own company. Namely, strategies which bands like Radiohead and Nine Inch Nails have acted as leaders for many other bands which are now developing very similar strategies.

I just watched a video of Rich Fahle interviewing Chris Anderson for Borders, discussing his new book. There are a lot of interesting ideas touched on in this interview that I can hardly wait read more about as I study the book. There were a couple of the things I thought particularly interesting in the video, though. One was hearing more of Chris’s thoughts on this idea of “freemium.” And the other was that (according to Chris) people who are over 30 tend to not believe in the idea of free as a business model, and people under 30 say, “no duh” to the idea of free as a business model.

Something that I whole heartedly disagree with, however, happens around the 5:10 mark where Rich Fahle says, “you can’t turn to an expert anymore, in this model that you’re describing, to do all that background business work. It sounds like what you’re describing is you gotta be a business man. If you’re an artist, you also have to be a business manager.”

Of course I totally disagree with this. I think that today, an artist needs a manager in a way that they have never needed one before. They need someone who thinks radically enough to direct their career in a way that is relevant to the changed establishment. To be successful in today’s music world, it is most important to find a manager who not only will pursue and/or invent new ways to harness the power of free (among an infinite number of other new marketing concepts), but an artist needs to find a manager who realizes that it is their obligation to protect this strategy at all costs. Because there will be others who want to partner or invest in the artist, then water down the strategy.

I recommend you watch the video (total length 15:02) [http://www.bordersmedia.com/borderspresents/anderson%20?cmpid=SL_20090707_RWB] Pay attention around 5:35 when Chris says, “Radical Notion.” I love when things like this happen!

Also, in honor of “walking the talk” of the book, Chris Anderson has partnered with a few companies to offer several ways to consume the book:

For what it’s worth, I think I’ll opt to purchase the book, acquiring the “freemium” version. Nothing like being able to actually touch and smell a creative work.

Got any other links/thoughts/etc about Chris Anderson’s new book, FREE: The Future of a Radical Price? Please post comments.

Talk with you tomorrow, where we’ll get back to our usual discussion of making records.

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Posted on 24-05-2009
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Popping in this afternoon to let you know about a couple quick news items. Radical Notion (independent media), the new media, artist development, and artist management company I’m a partner in, has rolled out two newsletters:

1) The Mother/Father email newsletter. If you’re interested you can find the signup form here: www.thisismotherfather.com

2) The Radical Notion (independent media) email newsletter. If you’re interested in signing up for this one, you can find the signup form here: www.radicalnotion.net.

We’re still brainstorming to come up with some catchy names for these newsletters, so if you got any ideas I’d love it if you would shoot them to me. You can leave them in the comments, or you can email them to me at stinson [at] producernotes [dot] com.

Thanks, and I’ll see you tomorrow…

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Posted on 27-04-2009
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Photo by eflon. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic.

I was originally going to title this post Resurrection, but that implies that I let Producer Notes die entirely. Instead I’d like to think of my lack of posting more as a “work leave” that was necessary as I laid the foundation for my business.

Over the course of the last 18 months I have become a full fledged entrepreneur. Technically this is the second time I’ve been a part of a startup, but this time around the stakes are much higher. Throughout this crusade I have not only learned a tremendous amount of life and business lessons, but I have also discovered so much about myself. For example I found out that I get a life thrill from being involved in a startup. I love the creative brainstorming. I love the beginning stages of development. I find the challenge of building something from scratch electrifying. I have also found out that I love consulting and helping others with their startup ideas, which is probably why I find artist development and management appealing.

No! This Blog is Not Dead

Being a founding member of Radical Notion (independent media) certainly has been challenging. When I set out to give this a shot I knew it would more than likely be the toughest thing I ever set out to do. I had no idea how much of a reality that was until I picked up my hammer and chisel to begin actually chipping away at the stone. Building a company requires one to have multiple projects in action, and at certain times some projects simply have to be sidelined for a moment. I never should have been away from Producer Notes this long, but once switched to “standby mode” it was far too easy to leave it that way. Shame on me.

Flip the Standby Switch

Starting today, I’m going to attempt to get back on my weekly posting schedule of publishing new posts every Monday. I have worked ahead with a few posts which should serve as content for the next few weeks. Additionally, I have been thinking about some ways I can redesign Producer Notes, so hopefully I can come up with a new look and some new features fairly soon.

Thanks for sticking it out with me this long while I was away being an entrepreneur. There will certainly be future instances when I have to take a “work leave,” but I’m optimistic that they will not have to be as long, since the resources available to Radical Notion are expanding.

As always, I appreciate your loyal readership of Producer Notes. I look forward to writing more posts for you throughout the rest of the year, and I look forward to your comments as well. If there are any topics you would like me to explore with you in the coming months, please leave suggestions in the comments.

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Posted on 07-04-2008
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Quarter one of 2008 has come to an end. I met every goal I set out on, specifically getting Radical Notion off the ground. I feel RN has covered a lot of ground in a short time, but that it is only a drop in the bucket when thinking about the road ahead. That’s a great feeling to me, because if I’m excited about what has happened so far, what lies ahead is going to be unbelievable. The most exciting part of it all, is that I could not have met any single goal without you. That means you responded positively, and I thank you tremendously for that.

So far in 2008 Radical Notion and our artists have made a presence on the web, made some appearances on the radio, thrown some awesome parties, and released two EPs-all of which you participated in, and contributed to the success of. Just as the calendar ticks over to the next phase of ’08, I’m happy to say that the next chapter in the beginning of Radical Notion is already being written.

I’m excited about two new websites within the umbrella of the RN family:

  • The Radical Notion Digital Store
  • Street Corner Champs Official Site

Radical Notion Digital Store Logo
The Radical Notion Digital Store is our new online store where we will offer all of our media content straight from our hands to yours. Our first release through the store is Street Corner Champs’ debut self titled EP. The EP comes as a download in three different versions. All of which are totally uninhibited by the control of any DRM. We even offer a version for free. The Radical Notion Digital Store is just another way we can connect with you. It allows us to cut out any middle man, and offer everything we do in a way that is convenient for you. Having our own method of distribution keeps anyone from putting a barrier of price, availability, DRM, communication or any other control point between us and you. We look forward to releasing more media through this store in the near future, the way you want it. [www.radicalnotion.net/store]

Street Corner Champs EP cover art
Street Corner Champs’ Official Site is going to serve as the central hub for all information, news and entertainment for the band. We plan on constantly updating the content of the site, and adding new features regularly. Make sure you stay up to date with this site, because you don’t want to miss out on anything. We may make exclusive announcements, run special promotions, or make limited releases through this website. [www.streetcornerchamps.com]

I can’t wait for what is next at Radical Notion. This is the best time of my life because everything I have desired to do is becoming a reality. We are sitting at the drawing board right now brainstorming our plans for our next move. We are in full throttle, inspired, and working hard to continue what we started. I hope to see you at all the parties that are going to happen throughout the rest of the year.

Together We Create Emotion…

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Posted on 12-03-2008
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Please EP
We received the Wes Sp8 Please EP from the manufacturing plant today. This represents a lot of hard work and patience for all of us who have been involved along the way (Wes Sp8, Josh Hood, Jordan Hester, Kristin Thomas, Nate Creekmore, Chad Erickson, Jonathan Harms and myself). It has been nearly a year since we hit the record button the first time to begin this project. In between then and now we have worked, and continue to work relentlessly, putting our heart and soul into this project. It is a milestone in all of our musical careers, and a great payoff for what we have been chipping away at for the last 11 months. I can’t explain to you how excited I am to have this CD in my hand, but I don’t have to. I write this blog for an audience of independent musicians, producers, engineers and marketers. Each one of you know what it feels like to finally have in your hand what has taken months, even years, to develop.

Please EP is the first recording to ever have the credits read “Produced, Recorded and Mixed by stinson.” And the first release ever by Radical Notion (independent media).

Only a couple more weeks until the release party. We will be celebrating this release in our home town of Nashville, TN at the 12 South Tap Room. If you live in town and are able to make it I hope to see you there.

I want to use this moment to connect with you. I would love for you to share your stories of your first product release, book, recording, etc. Even if you have never released a physical product, I would still like to hear from you. Any story of releasing a product applies, even the first time you posted a song on myspace, or released your first ebook-anything. So please, leave your comments. Tell your story.

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Posted on 03-03-2008
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It has been a couple of months since I have given an update on what’s going on. Radical Notion has been ticking along quite nicely. Both bands we represent have been playing plenty of rockin’ shows, and stirring up some local attention.

Wes Sp8
Back in November Wes Sp8 (pronounced Speight) and I did a radio interview on Vanderbilt’s station 91.1 WRVU. I told you that the recording would be up in the near future, but it took me a bit longer to post it than I hoped it would. Either way it is finally up, and you can find it at www.radicalnotion.net/media.

Another bit of Wes Sp8 news is that he is now a SESAC affiliated performing/recording artist. In January we began having a series of meetings with SESAC to seek affiliation, and in early February Wes signed the appropriate papers to make it official. If you live in Nashville, look for the upcoming show to celebrate.

Last bit of Wes Sp8 news-we were all excited when Wes got a little bit of commercial radio attention a couple of weeks ago. Mid February, Wes played a show at Christopher Pizza. One of the sponsors happened to be a local radio station, Lightning 100. They aired a promo of the show, which featured a clip of Wes’s single Please.

Street Corner Champs
Things are going strong in Street Corner Champs’ camp as well. Last Thursday they played to a packed house at Windows On The Cumberland in a battle of the bands. There was a great energy in the room; I could tell the fans were very excited. I was pleasantly surprised at the fan support that Street Corner Champs have. The competition went on all weekend, so I don’t know where we stand. In the end, it was a success because Street Corner Champs poured their soul into the performance, which formed a stronger bond with their already loyal fans.

In personal news, I got a call over the weekend to go record some overdubs for the local country/pop group, Shedaisy [www.myspace.com/shedaisy]. My friend Andy has been recording with them, but has to take a break to get another project started. He called me to fill in, so Tuesday and Wednesday I will be in the studio recording various overdubs, and generally having fun. I look forward to working with Shedaisy, as they seem like a great group of people.

That finalizes the news…
I don’t feel like this blog is the right place to talk about Radical Notion news. News regarding my freelance production is relevant, but it’s difficult to differentiate sometimes since the two are cross-relevant. I am working on building a blog for Radical Notion, so in the future look there for RN news.

I am going to experiment with more efficient ways to give news updates, because I feel that this time I waited too long. It’s hard to find the right timing for news since I only post once a week. Other bloggers that post daily, or multiple times a day don’t have any problem staying current with news updates, because they can still post their normal content too. Since I only blog part time it’s a trickier balance. My goal is to find a way to give news updates without breaking away from the usual content of the site. I don’t want there to be entire week gaps in the main content because of a news update. Today I’m going to experiment with a “double post.” I’ll try this for a bit, and depending on how it works, I may or may not try something different. So for now, on weeks that there is news to talk about, you will find two posts.

I’ll Take Your Suggestions
If you have an idea for a better way to handle news updates, I would love to hear it. Please leave me a comment with suggestions on how you would like to see news posts on this site.

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