Posted on 07-04-2008
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Quarter one of 2008 has come to an end. I met every goal I set out on, specifically getting Radical Notion off the ground. I feel RN has covered a lot of ground in a short time, but that it is only a drop in the bucket when thinking about the road ahead. That’s a great feeling to me, because if I’m excited about what has happened so far, what lies ahead is going to be unbelievable. The most exciting part of it all, is that I could not have met any single goal without you. That means you responded positively, and I thank you tremendously for that.

So far in 2008 Radical Notion and our artists have made a presence on the web, made some appearances on the radio, thrown some awesome parties, and released two EPs-all of which you participated in, and contributed to the success of. Just as the calendar ticks over to the next phase of ’08, I’m happy to say that the next chapter in the beginning of Radical Notion is already being written.

I’m excited about two new websites within the umbrella of the RN family:

  • The Radical Notion Digital Store
  • Street Corner Champs Official Site

Radical Notion Digital Store Logo
The Radical Notion Digital Store is our new online store where we will offer all of our media content straight from our hands to yours. Our first release through the store is Street Corner Champs’ debut self titled EP. The EP comes as a download in three different versions. All of which are totally uninhibited by the control of any DRM. We even offer a version for free. The Radical Notion Digital Store is just another way we can connect with you. It allows us to cut out any middle man, and offer everything we do in a way that is convenient for you. Having our own method of distribution keeps anyone from putting a barrier of price, availability, DRM, communication or any other control point between us and you. We look forward to releasing more media through this store in the near future, the way you want it. []

Street Corner Champs EP cover art
Street Corner Champs’ Official Site is going to serve as the central hub for all information, news and entertainment for the band. We plan on constantly updating the content of the site, and adding new features regularly. Make sure you stay up to date with this site, because you don’t want to miss out on anything. We may make exclusive announcements, run special promotions, or make limited releases through this website. []

I can’t wait for what is next at Radical Notion. This is the best time of my life because everything I have desired to do is becoming a reality. We are sitting at the drawing board right now brainstorming our plans for our next move. We are in full throttle, inspired, and working hard to continue what we started. I hope to see you at all the parties that are going to happen throughout the rest of the year.

Together We Create Emotion…

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Posted on 02-04-2008
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So yesterday was April 1st. Duh… Oh well what can I say, I was caught at a vulnerable moment.


But at least it’s a reality in my world because The Radical Notion Digital Store is all set to go live tomorrow. And that is not a joke. March was a very long month, and April started hard, but we’re very excited to be releasing Street Corner Champs debut Self Titled EP, and doing it as a download only. It is the second release ever for Radical Notion (independent media).

SCC Download Party Poster
Due to certain circumstances we didn’t have a chance to promote Street Corner Champs’ EP Download Party very much at all, but here are some details:

  • The party is tomorrow nite at The 5 Spot in East Nashville
  • We are launching Street Corner Champs’ website, as well as The Radical Notion Digital Store
  • The lineup includes Wes Sp8
  • Vovo may not be able to make it
  • Cost is $5

Hope to see you tomorrow nite…

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Posted on 03-03-2008
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It has been a couple of months since I have given an update on what’s going on. Radical Notion has been ticking along quite nicely. Both bands we represent have been playing plenty of rockin’ shows, and stirring up some local attention.

Wes Sp8
Back in November Wes Sp8 (pronounced Speight) and I did a radio interview on Vanderbilt’s station 91.1 WRVU. I told you that the recording would be up in the near future, but it took me a bit longer to post it than I hoped it would. Either way it is finally up, and you can find it at

Another bit of Wes Sp8 news is that he is now a SESAC affiliated performing/recording artist. In January we began having a series of meetings with SESAC to seek affiliation, and in early February Wes signed the appropriate papers to make it official. If you live in Nashville, look for the upcoming show to celebrate.

Last bit of Wes Sp8 news-we were all excited when Wes got a little bit of commercial radio attention a couple of weeks ago. Mid February, Wes played a show at Christopher Pizza. One of the sponsors happened to be a local radio station, Lightning 100. They aired a promo of the show, which featured a clip of Wes’s single Please.

Street Corner Champs
Things are going strong in Street Corner Champs’ camp as well. Last Thursday they played to a packed house at Windows On The Cumberland in a battle of the bands. There was a great energy in the room; I could tell the fans were very excited. I was pleasantly surprised at the fan support that Street Corner Champs have. The competition went on all weekend, so I don’t know where we stand. In the end, it was a success because Street Corner Champs poured their soul into the performance, which formed a stronger bond with their already loyal fans.

In personal news, I got a call over the weekend to go record some overdubs for the local country/pop group, Shedaisy []. My friend Andy has been recording with them, but has to take a break to get another project started. He called me to fill in, so Tuesday and Wednesday I will be in the studio recording various overdubs, and generally having fun. I look forward to working with Shedaisy, as they seem like a great group of people.

That finalizes the news…
I don’t feel like this blog is the right place to talk about Radical Notion news. News regarding my freelance production is relevant, but it’s difficult to differentiate sometimes since the two are cross-relevant. I am working on building a blog for Radical Notion, so in the future look there for RN news.

I am going to experiment with more efficient ways to give news updates, because I feel that this time I waited too long. It’s hard to find the right timing for news since I only post once a week. Other bloggers that post daily, or multiple times a day don’t have any problem staying current with news updates, because they can still post their normal content too. Since I only blog part time it’s a trickier balance. My goal is to find a way to give news updates without breaking away from the usual content of the site. I don’t want there to be entire week gaps in the main content because of a news update. Today I’m going to experiment with a “double post.” I’ll try this for a bit, and depending on how it works, I may or may not try something different. So for now, on weeks that there is news to talk about, you will find two posts.

I’ll Take Your Suggestions
If you have an idea for a better way to handle news updates, I would love to hear it. Please leave me a comment with suggestions on how you would like to see news posts on this site.

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